Italian Terracotta Planters

Conca Bordino

Authentic Italian Terracotta: The word terracotta is Italian for Baked Earthed. Originating from Impruneta in the Tuscan Hills of Italy near to Florence. This Clay can be considered the best in the world, due to the presence of Galestro. When fired at 1000 – 1030 degrees for up to 36 hours, it is then left to cool for a further 70 hours. The finished product results in a mechanical strength with a frost resistance to 20 degrees below zero. The grainy surface takes on a beautiful reddish colour with white shades synonymous with Tuscany. Today colour variations can be achieved using additives to meet world demands of diversity without compromising the integrity of Galestro.

code  P002301  P002302  P002303
diameter  72  80  90
height  58  62  72


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